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Welcome to your creativity.

Flow. Those magical moments when your writing pours from you and you can barely keep up with it. When your prose dazzle you and you realize you are not merely creating these words but are dictating them. When you know you’ve stepped into some deep part of yourself that pulsates with truth and inspiration. This blissful state can be fostered. It can be harnessed.

nurturing writer's flow.

What comes out of your mind will surprise you.

Surprising creativity

There is great creativity within us all. It’s in there banging and scratching to come out. But society has nurtured us to suppress it. We’ve developed a wide variety of mental habits that keep our creativity bound up and suffocated. Until it spoils. Until it dies.

But these mental habits can be overthrown. And when they are, what comes out of your mind will surprise you.

Writer’s Block is a paper tiger.

Writer’s block engulfs us like the hot wind of some impossible desert. We press and concentrate, we pace and flail, but it’s all procrastination and crumpled papers as far as the eye can see. And though the blockage feels like the handiwork of evil spirits, like some unholy fog, it is not. The blockage comes from within us.

As the writer unblocks, output returns with all its color and vitality. Freewriting is the medicine that can cure writer's block.

writer's block is a paper tiger.

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